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Ladies and gentlemen, bring to our city the sun and a good mood, and we'll put you together with them in our hotels. Hotels A'Liva and Welitel made in the style of urban neoclassicism and is intended to serve as a continuation of comfort, for the time left you at the doorstep. This contributes to the color palette of the rooms is decorated in soothing tones and furniture of the lobby. Hotels absorbed the best trends of the lodging industry in the... Learn more

Special offers


  • Buffet breakfast

    Breakfast menu and serve organized on system "buffet". On request, Breakfast can be served in the room. Breakfast consists of cereals (choice of: oatmeal, rice, semolina, buckwheat, millet), supplemented by egg dishes (choice of: scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs), includes a selection of freshly baked bakery products (including pancakes stuffed with chicken, cheese, meat, croissants, various bread rolls, beuty envelopes with jam, etc.), butter, pâté, cheese, jam, sugar. During the Breakfast, yoghurts, cereals and muesli, as well as drinks – tea, freshly ground coffee, selection of juices.
  • Valet Parking

    Special Parking space for the guest - in availability and security.
  • Laundry

    Prepare for a business meeting, nothing for not doing. We are your hands, prepare all in better quality!
  • Theatre tickets

    You have the unique opportunity to visit at a reduced price on the best places the top theatres of Saint-Petersburg: Mariinsky theater Concert hall, Mariinsky theatre, Mikhailovsky theatre, the great musical-dramatic BUFF theatre, HDH and others, in which You can find a perfect pastime for the evening. The availability, cost and repertoire, please contact the administrator of the hotel and You will definitely become part of the cultural capital, and possibly fulfill his dream.
  • Taxi

    If You want to quickly and inexpensively find yourself at any point of the city, we checked order us a taxi, which will drive direct to the door of the hotel at the appointed time. Our administrators in advance, You will negotiate the price and You pay at the front Desk. The prices will pleasantly surprise You. We care about Your time. Have a nice trip!
  • Aquarium with 15% discount

    What is the Aquarium? First of all, this "underwater Museum" with live exhibits – the inhabitants of the aquatic environment. In the Oceanarium dreams of any traveler. The Oceanarium in Saint-Petersburg is a unique for Russia entertainment component and the original pearl of the entire Complex "planet Neptun". In the Aquarium, each visitor can not only to experience the magical environment of the underwater world, but also to witness the daily (except Monday) shows with aquatic animals, "the Show with the sharks" and "the seal Show".
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